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PIRL is a community based project that introduces the first Ethash Based Masternode to the blockchain ecosystem. The projects combines state of the art technologies to achive the first complete DApps hosting platform.

PIRL is a ethereum based blockchain that strives to improve the accessibility of cryptocurrency and its related technologies; spurring an evolution of the crypto space through research, innovation, and dedication.

Features –

  • The PIRL Marketplace — The marketplace is designed to be a complete peer-to-peer solution where users will be able to buy and sell products and services in a completely secured environment.
  • PirlApp — PirlApp is the All-In-One platform which fuses together the PIRL universe and delivers it in your hands. Your complete PIRL experience will be available on mobile and desktop devices allowing you to enjoy your favorite decentralized applications anywhere you like.
  • PirlPay — A unique feature of “PirlPay” is that any store on the internet can implement it as a checkout option. This means that even if something is being sold for fiat, the gateway will calculate the amount of PIRL equal to the fiat asking price, and transfer that amount of PIRL to the seller. Plugins that enable PirlPay will be available for various popular shopping carts. PirlPay with all of its features will also be completely accessible through all popular mobile devices.

“PIRL goals are centered around the idea of the Poseidon platform, a place which simplifies the process, and creates a more intuitive experience for everyone accesible through a single point of entry. Various features for Decentralized File Storage, Communication, Entertainment and Escrow protected trading will be available.”

Positives -

  • Being a community built project, Pirl serves a wide range of solutions and can even be viewed as a sort of “all-in-one solution” for developers who are looking to host their Decentralized Applications, take advantage of Decentralized File Storage through IPFS and even monetize their applications through a smart-contract powered escrow system. Not only is Pirl an excellent choice for Developers, there are plenty of features available for your average cryptocurrency user. Users can take their PIRL to The Marketplace where they can take advantage of safe, escrow enabled trading and will even be able to use their PIRL on stores that accept PIRL through PirlPay, Pirls payment gateway. PIRL does an excellent job of offering not only Developers an excellent solution but real-world use-cases for general users, too.
  • Talking on a technical/resource point for a second. Although Pirl is a community built project, there are a myriad of Official Resources available for developers and general users of PIRL which is excellent to see. Poseidon offers a way for users to explore the blockchain, control Masternodes, manage wallets, browse the marketplace and so much more. Official Wallets are available for Linux, Mac, Windows and a Web-based Wallet is also available on the go. For the miners out there, Pirl offers their EZminer as a way to, in three easy steps, get up and mining with their AMD or Nvidia GPU. Pirl has done a great job of creating easy points of access to their platform, no “skill barriers” here.

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Concerns -

  • The main concern we have would just be regarding the competition that is out there. Obviously Ethereum is a competitor seeing as Pirl is based off of the Ethereum Blockchain but Pirl has definitely done more than enough to set themselves apart by developing more features and a strong vision for the project that doesn’t compete directly with what Ethereum is doing. It isn’t like they are yelling “We are the new Ethereum” or anything. Other competitors would include Ubiq and even PIVX to an extent although fundamentally these projects are too different to list comparisons. If you asked us to find a “direct copycat” or project with exactly the same features/vision, we wouldn’t be able to find one.
  • Being a community built project, investors need to understand that Pirl is being built out of the love of the community behind it and the Team is in no way in debt to release updates at specific times or get developments out the door just to please investors. Patience is the key here if you are looking to simply hold PIRL but when you assess the value of projects working in the same space, that should be worth the wait. Not a direct concern for Pirl, just a concern regarding the impatience of some Investors when it comes to community driven projects that we have observed over the years.

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